So here we are…

What an incredible few months it’s been planning, packing, prioritising and sometimes panicking, as we organised for our move from Melbourne to Paris. We had exactly 97 days from the day we found out to the day we arrived in Paris. When you look at it in days, it seems like a lot of time but, wow, did it fly by! Between organising temporary closure of a life in Melbourne and setting up our life-to-be in Paris, some days felt like even a minute’s rest, was a minute-wasted.

Fast-forward three and a bit months and suddenly we’ve found ourselves in a small but picturesque apartment in Paris. Weekends go by exploring the city and our new neighbourhood, and of course discovering where to buy our next baguette.

We’ve settled relatively quickly and much of that is thanks to our amazing relocation agent who scouted apartments, organised our rental agreement, sorted out our electricity and gas contracts, helped us set up our phone and internet, and generally supported us in feeling as much at home as possible. Nearly three weeks in, she still keeps in touch to see how we’re doing and if we need any help. She even put together a set of keys just for our little man when she saw how besotted he was with the vintage keys to our apartment.

Our second weekend in Paris was perhaps the most surreal. Suddenly after months of busy-ness, there we were with nothing to pack or unpack, no errands to run, no paperwork to navigate and no to-do lists (except for our market list for fresh fruits and veggies).

And so the realisation that we are truly here…

* * *

Photography by Navneet Gupta

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