Tango at Trocadéro

One Saturday evening, we finished our dinner early and decided to hop on the metro and head over to Trocadéro. A cool, evening breeze blew but it was still light and pleasant as the sun had no plans to set till closer to 10 PM!

While there were hoards of tourists taking every selfie imaginable (yes, we don’t consider ourselves as tourists! haha), in the distance we could hear some beautiful music, so decided to follow it and see where it would take us. Lo and behold, outside the steps of the Palais de Chaillot, a group of people were dancing in perfect rhythm. So we joined the handful of people on the steps nearby and just took in the moment.

Before we knew, the sun set and a few minutes later, the Eiffel Tower began to sparkle… or as our little man said, “It’s twinkling!”.

A twinkling Eiffel Tower

Oh yes and then we realised we had a toddler in tow who was happily awake well past his bedtime and so hurried back home before we jinxed the moment.

It’s these simple evenings with these simple pleasures that are going to stay with us all forever.

* * *

Photos by Navneet & Chandni




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