Bonjour new office

Bryce Corbett, so aptly describes the first day of work in his book A Town Like Paris

“The first day of your new job is much like your first day at school. Your shirt is ironed, your pencil case is packed, and you show up on time.”

And so there I was… outfit all set, shoes almost brand new, pencil case… ahem… stationery stash packed and standing in line with other visitors and new starters awaiting our epic security clearance.

Speaking of pencil cases, there were some curious looks from my colleagues when I only picked a couple of items from the stationery cupboard. Little did they know that I had brought a box full of my favourite stationery pieces all the way from Melbourne, some from my colleagues back home (they know me so well). In saying that, I’m looking forward to exploring French stationery stores. My Melbourne stationery won’t last long, that’s for sure!

Stationery stash

Anyway, back to office musings (so easy to go off on tangents when thinking about stationery). For the first few days, an overwhelming feeling remained constantly while meeting new people, getting used to new ways and getting frequently lost in the maze of new corridors.

However, I’m so grateful that in the process of getting accustomed to the new office space, I’ve connected with some wonderful people. And on days when things don’t go to plan, well I just look out the window, take in the view (top image) and remind myself just where I am.

Internal envelope loveliness

Fast-forward a month, and some things are starting to feel routine and I’m slowly working out the quirks of the new office space like the printer settings and internal envelopes, which are all in French.

Slowly but surely, it’s becoming the new normal.




* * *

Photos by Chandni


2 thoughts on “Bonjour new office

  1. Your new normal is an absolute dream! Reading this blog makes me so happy. Great to see you’re stopping to take in all these amazing moments.. what an inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

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