So where does everyone summer

At a recent lunch with colleagues, the conversation quickly diverged to everyone’s upcoming holidays. My colleagues were excitedly sharing their plans of visiting fabulous places in Spain, Greece and the US and there I was… stunned. Then they turn to me and ask, “So Chandni, what are your plans?”. And I’m…What? Holidays? When?

Let’s face it, we’ve been so preoccupied getting ourselves over from Melbourne to Paris, that we really hadn’t thought of much past May. My colleagues explained that most of the office and much of Paris will be empty from late July to end August. Summer vacation is a big deal here. Clearly I missed the memo! 

So thanks to all the inspiration and advice from my colleagues, we’re now in the throes of working out our summer vacation plans. It’s a surreal feeling being in the middle of Europe. Places that usually involve a marathon of flights and layovers from Melbourne are now at our doorstep. Looking forward to sharing our vacation adventures with you all!



Photo: Gypsophila flowers bought this morning from the summer market


3 thoughts on “So where does everyone summer

  1. I cannot wait to see where you guys decide to travel to for the summer! Spoilt for choice huh!! Miss you all, love to your little man!! Xoxo

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