Turning three in Paris

Three years ago at my baby shower, one of the games involved guessing the upcoming bubba’s arrival date. In amongst the various guesses was one from a dear friend who, on her little slip of paper, wrote, “14.07.2015 – Bastille Day”. Lo and behold, our little man arrived right on 14 of July! Hubby and I often amused ourselves with the idea that, “Wouldn’t it be great if one day we were in Paris to celebrate his birthday!”. We never could have imagined that it would happen so soon.

What a day to celebrate your birthday in Paris! The atmosphere was wonderfully fabulous with celebrations on every street corner. Everyone out, enjoying the sunshine, the festivities… without a care in the world.

And our little man took in all the sights and sounds, enjoying even the littlest of pleasures like catching his favourite Metro Line 6 from Passy Station to Bir-Hakeim just to catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower for 20 seconds as the train crosses the Seine.

Perhaps what we all missed the most was celebrating the day with friends and loved ones. It’s moments like these where you realise just how much you miss home… the decorations would have looked a little brighter, the cake a little sweeter, the laughs a little louder.

However, we know we will all look back at this birthday with immense fondness and delight.

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