Christmas debrief

Decorations at Galeries Lafayette

Bonne année everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful festive season and that 2019 is off to a great start for you! While we’re well-past the Christmas season, we thought we’d keep the festive spirit alive a little longer by sharing with you some of our Parisien Christmas highlights!

No doubt that Paris is a stunning city but come end November, the city of light amps up her charm just that little bit more. From Champs-Élysées to our little neighbourhood in the 16th, strings of lights adorned almost every corner.


And while the Mouvement des gilets jaunes (yellow vest protests), with some of the violence occurring only a short walk away from where we live, did dampen some of the festive spirit, we were glad that we still managed to experience the joy of being in Paris at that time of the year.

The highlight of our time here during the festive season was definitely the Christmas markets at the Tuileries Gardens. We had our lovely niece visiting us then too so it all became even more special for us to experience this Winter Wonderland together!

From carnival rides and puppet shows to market stalls filled with handmade goodness,  there was something for everyone. For us, perhaps the most special moment was introducing our little man to ice-skating! Such a big smile on his face as he scooted around the rink with Navneet! These are the little moments that will make our time here in Paris so unforgettable!

PS: We also visited Lille at the beginning of December, as it’s known for its Christmas markets and extravaganza!! We’ll share pics of Lille super soon! xx

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