Postcards – with love from Paris

Sorry we’ve been a bit MIA with our blog. The last couple of months have been filled with visitors, settling into the new school routine, a lot of long days at work in preparation for a biannual conference and of course a little bit of travel whenever possible. We’ll definitely get around to sharing memories from our recent holiday destinations very soon but in the meantime, we’d like to share some snail mail love!!

Holiday season is upon us and instead of sending greeting cards, we’d like to send postcards we’ve collected during our travels in the past few months. But here’s the fun part… you get to pick your postcard!

We’re so grateful to all of you who have signed-up to our blog and continue to keep in touch with us while we’re here in Paris. As a thank you, we’d love it if you picked a postcard so we can send you some love through la poste!

Our postcard connoisseur at work

We have postcards from Avignon, Lisbon, Sintra, Bruges, Amiens, Barcelona and Amsterdam, featuring a mix of location photography and works from independent artists.

There’s also a special range of Parisian postcards selected by our very own mini postcard connoisseur. Our little man also selected a random postcard of a cow that he just “had to have” while we were in Amsterdam and a postcard in Barcelona because it was the colour red and a car (win-win)!

So comment below on where you would like your postcard from or if there’s a specific postcard that’s caught your eye, just let us know below and then send through your address using the form on our About page.

Data collection disclaimer: We’ll only use your address to send you the postcard and we promise not to share your details with anyone else or use your address for any other purposes. However, if you’re one of our loved ones or dear friends, there’s a good chance we’ll use your address to send you other snail mail or little pressies in the future!! Hope that’s ok!! 😉


24 thoughts on “Postcards – with love from Paris

  1. Beautiful photos Chandni.I would like to have a post ofThanks  How are you all doing? Take care c u all soon or you might have another extension. All the best.Sent from my SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 on the Telstra Mobile Network

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  2. It is wonderful & eye catching snapshots.
    We sitting at far away can feel the beauty of nature , modern architecture & history .
    Although you are taking time out of your busy schedule ,
    have nice time to all three in Paris.
    bye for now& looking forward for new post.

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  3. What a lovely idea! We’d love one of Sahil’s picks. The one from place du tertre if it’s still available. Hope you three are doing well! Conny & Adam

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  4. Great idea, Chandni, especially in this digital age. It will be great to have something physical to stick on the fridge!
    I would love one from Bruges please.

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    1. Thanks Maurits. I’m afraid the postcard from Bruges was the first to go, unless you’d like the one with handmade lace. At the moment we have one left from Amsterdam, and a couple left from Lisbon and Barcelona. Is there one you would like from those collections?


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