Allez les bleus – football finale fever

What a weekend to be living in France! Just when we thought the Bastille Day celebrations were over, we woke up to another day of massive celebrations.

IMG_1833Football (soccer for us Aussies) is one of the most popular sports in France and during the past few days we could certainly see why. Whenever France was playing, we could be watching the game at home, only to hear cheering in surround-sound as patrons in every cafe nearby would erupt at every goal.


Then on Sunday, our relatively quiet neighbourhood gradually became louder and louder with each goal and the realisation that France would well and truly win the world cup this year.

Suddenly 90 minutes were up, the scoreboard was 4 – 2 to France and every street was covered in blue, white and red.

The atmosphere was incredible with our local square hosting an impromptu street party. The match may have wrapped up just after 7 PM here but with a million people at Champs-Élysées and the remainder in the rest of the streets of Paris, celebrations continued well past 2 AM.

Again, what an incredible weekend to be in France.


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